User Guide


Modifier extensions is made for creation of automatic modification rules. It is based on the same group-per-interceptor principle as Tagger, so if you want to know, how to set it up, read Tagger guide.

Modify rules

Modify rules contain the modification logic like automatic replacements etc. These rules are executed on PDUs with specified tag / all PDUs if no tag is specified.

Modify rule types (Replace, Add Header, ...) might be added by extensions. On the following screenshot, you can see the Replace rule configuration:

Special tags

In order to specify, which PDUs should be processed by modify rules, you can tag them using the following tags (all PDUs are processed by default):

  • no_modifier - tagged PDU won't be processed by modification rules,
  • modifier - tagged PDU will be processed by modification rules even if it already has no_modifier tag.