User Guide

PETEP Installation

PETEP is built on Java and uses JavaFX for graphical user interface, which allows it to run on various platforms. However, since JavaFX is no longer part of Java JDK, you have to download appropriate PETEP distribution that contains JavaFX with runtime libraries for your operating system or download these libraries yourselves.

Application directory

PETEP application directory has the following structure:

  • api/ - PetepLib.jar for development of new extensions,
  • ext/- external extensions,
  • lib/ - PETEP.jar and runtime libraries,
  • presets/ - project presets can be used to create project with predefined configuration.
  • project_template/ - directory that will be copied to all new custom projects.

Running PETEP

To run PETEP, simply download appropriate distribution and extract its contents on your machine. Then run PETEP launch script and PETEP will start.

You can also specify project you want to run by specifying it as first parameter.

PETEP [project_path]

Running without GUI

PETEP can run without GUI using existing project configuration:

PETEP [project_path] --nogui

Running PETEP manually

To run PETEP manually, you have to specify --add-modules and also --add-opens parameters.

java --module-path ./lib --add-modules javafx.controls,javafx.web,javafx.fxml, -jar lib/PETEP.jar