Development Guide

Example - First Guide

Let's create our own guide for our extension.

First we are going to create our Guide class and specify in what resorce file we have our HTML code.

 * Guide for example extension.
public class ExampleGuide extends Guide {
    public String getHtml() {
        return loadHtmlResource("/html/ExampleGuide.html");

    public String getTitle() {
        return "Example Guide";

Now we can create our HTML file resource.

<p>Welcome to example guide!</p>
    <strong>Example Link</strong>:
    <a onclick="petep.openLink('');return false;">
        CLICK HERE

And finally, we can register the Guide inside our PetepExtension.initGui() method by adding the following line to it.

petep.Extension: public void initGui(GuiHelper helper)
helper.registerGuide(new ExampleGuide());

That's it! After deploying the extension, we will be able to see the guide in application Guide.