User Guide

Protocol Data Unit

PDUs (Protocol Data Units) are units used to transmit data through PETEP. They contain operational data (tags, destination, connection, ...), data bytes and sometimes also protocol-specific data.


PDUs can be tagged using tags to distinguish PDUs between each other. Using tags, you can for example differentiate specific message and then perform some operation on it (f.e. replacement).

PDU editor

PETEP has built-in editor of PDUs, that is divided into two sections - PDU flow and PDU data.

PDU flow contains configuration of internal flow:

  • Proxy - which proxy will send the PDU out of the PETEP.
  • Connection - which connection in proxy will send the PDU.
  • Destination - specifies direction of transmission.
  • Target Interceptor - which interceptor in specified direction will process the PDU after current step.

You have to check Editable if you want to edit PDU flow, because it is an advanced configuration that is not frequently used.

PDU data contains configuration of tags, data and it might also contain protocol-specific configuration.


You can change charset of the displayed data by clicking on the charset in the bottom right corner of the data editor.

It is highly recommended to use charset ISO-8859-1 for unknown data, because it represents the whole byte range (0-255) and prevents encoding problems.